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     Siberian Husky Memorials

    Our friends become a part of our family - please feel welcome to post
    a tribute to them.  These pages are available for any
    Husky that is waiting for us across
    The Rainbow Bridge.
    email us a brief paragraph and a picture.
    Thank you!

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    Click a letter to find an animal or view all.

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    In Memory of Bo

    My most precious Husky - I miss you everyday!


    In Memory of Coda

    When we met Coda, he was hiding underneath a picnic table afraid to come out. When he finally did come out, he was beautiful, but very timid. He had apparently been abused prior to coming to the rescue. He did warm up to women fairly well, but stayed very weary of men even after 11 years with us. Our first week with him was tough as he had run away and it took us four hours to finally find him.

    He became my constant companion. He loved to go for rides. If he did get out of the yard, I would drive around looking for him and when he saw the truck, he would come running and hop right in. He loved camping and he loved watching the chipmunks and loved running through the water up at Grandview.

    He lived a very pampered life. He was not the typical active husky, but was very much a couch potato. He loved relaxing on the couch and watching everyone. He was never the patient type of guy though, always wanting something right now and not willing to wait. My sons grew up with him and he definitely was a part of our family.

    Unfortunately, he developed a bladder tumor. He fought it for a long time, but he finally lost his battle this last Wednesday. I know he is at the Rainbow Bridge heading north with all the other huskies, tossing his head in joy, rolling around on his back and doing his little happy bark. He will be missed terribly. Coda, I know you are no longer suffering and in a better place. We all miss you terribly, but know we will see you again.


    In Memory of Denali
    We had 14 wonderful years together until cancer took you away. My world is not the same without my best friend, and I miss you so much. You will forever be in my heart. I love you baby girl.


    In Memory of Finn

    Just a young pup - Finn was lost due to complications from the Parvo virus.


    In Memory of Kenu

    Kenu was a bright ray of sunshine that lit our world every single day. We called her the “wonder Husky.” She fought her cancer with great strength, but lost the battle in January 2011.

    She was our best friend and we will never forget her amazing smile. Kenu – we will love you forever.

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    Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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