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     About The Breed

    Siberian Huskies Are Not The Breed For Everyone!

    Siberian Huskies are hard to resist, with their joyful demeanor, exuberance, friendliness, striking appearance and incredibly beautiful smile. However, as appealing as these traits may be, Huskies are not the breed for every dog owner. 

    After learning more about the Siberian, many have decided to only admire from afar, while others can't get enough of them. 

    Many Siberian Huskies have become strays, ended up in dog shelters, injured or worse. They become the neighborhood nuisance, or abused and mistreated because the owner did not understand the breed. 

    For these reasons, it is important for any potential owner to learn about the typical traits of the Siberian Husky before entering the challenging commitment of living with one. 

    Before embarking on the Siberian adventure, please watch the video below to learn more about each aspect that the Siberian has to offer!

    A Warning About Huskies



    This video is intended to provide general information for
    the prospective Siberian Husky owner.

    The included scenes of Cesar Millan and the Furminator are views of the
    video producer and are not necessarily the practices or opinions of
    North Star Siberian Husky Rescue. 


    If you watch this video and are still ready to make the commitment, then welcome to the family! Join the rest of us in knowing that we own the most beautiful, the smartest, and the most ideal dog in the world.


    It is hard to be humble when you own a Siberian Husky!


    Continue to our Adoption Process



    Web Image: LifesBetter


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