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    Our Adoption Process

    We recognize that our adoption process is very in depth.  But every step we have in place is there to ensure that our Huskies go to homes that are educated in the breed, can provide secure containment, and are able and willing to provide the love and care a Husky needs for its life time.    

    The promise to our dogs is simple:  We try our absolute best to ensure that their next home is their forever home.  Our adoption process and our adoption application provide the means for us to keep this promise.

    We thank you in advance for your time and patience throughout our adoption process.  


    Step 1:  Registration

    Before you are able to complete the Adoption Application, you will be asked to complete a short registration form.  Basic questions are asked; such as your name, address, telephone number, and email address.     

    Your contact information  - as well as the information you provide on our Adoption Application is stored on our computer data base.  Only North Star volunteers will have access to this information.  We respect your privacy and do not give out or sell any of the information you provide.


    Step 2:  Adoption Application  

    The answers you give on our Adoption Application allow us to get to know you and assess your Siberian Husky "readiness". We cut no corners when it comes to finding the right owner for each dog. We think every Husky is perfect, but every home is not—otherwise we would not be needed.   

    After completing and submitting the Adoption Application, you will receive an email confirming we have received your application.  The application is then routed to a North Star volunteer who will contact you within 24-72 hours of receiving your application.   

    If  - after 4 days - you have not been contacted, return to our web site and go directly to the contact us page.  We prefer that you use the 'contact us online form' and enter your name, phone number, and email address.  In the drop down category box, select  the option 'questions about an adoption'.  Next, enter a brief message (i.e., that you completed the adoption application and have not been contacted).  Enter the security code as shown, and click on 'contact us'.  Your request will be prioritized and forwarded immediately to a North Star volunteer.


    Step 3:  Initial Telephone Interview  

    Upon the initial telephone contact by one of our volunteers, we will evaluate your knowledge of the Siberian Husky.  If you have never owned a Siberian Husky, we strongly recommend that you read as much as possible about the Siberian Husky breed before completing the Adoption Application.  We reserve the right to refuse potential adopters that do not demonstrate adequate knowledge of the Siberian Husky breed.

    On our web site, you will find a menu item for "Husky Education".  We encourage new adopters to read and fully understand the information that is provided in these articles.  There is also a video that you can watch as a humorous (but truthful) introduction to the Siberian Husky.  This is located on the menu as, "About The Breed".  We also offer the book, "Siberian Huskies For Dummies".  You can order this directly from our web site and it will be mailed to you.  It is available for a $15 donation, which includes the shipping.  This is a cheaper price than what you will find it for in retail stores.  We always have the books available at our events also, you are welcome to purchase one for only $10 and save on the shipping costs. 

    During the interview, our volunteer will be asking you questions about your living situation, and what kinds of personality traits you are looking for in a Siberian Husky (e.g., good with kids, already crate trained, etc.). 

    If you are wanting to complete the Adoption Application as a result of a Siberian Husky you saw on our 'Available Huskies' page that is listed as "good with cats," please keep in mind that we probably have a waiting list of several applicants waiting for this type of Siberian Husky. If you choose to submit an application for the dog, be advised that all pending applications on file will be considered first.

    Typically, Siberian Huskies that are raised (or have lived with) cats may not predatorize them because they regard that cat as part of their family or "pack." If you choose to submit an application for that Husky, be advised that "good with cats" or "ok with cats" is NO guarantee that the dog will not predatorize a cat or small animal when introduced to a new home.


    Step 4:  Home Visit  

    We do a interview with all household members, which is designed to help you understand the breed, its specific characteristics, and to make sure a Siberian Husky is suited for you.  We want to ensure the home we place one of our Siberians in is what we term "Siberian Proof" and that the home will provide a safe and secure environment.

    Typically a home visit is not more than an hour to an hour and a half.  We have a standard set of questions that we ask, then we tour the yard, house, and garage (if necessary).  The North Star volunteer doing your home visit will be making notes during this time, and also taking some photographs.


    Step 5:  Meet the Huskies  

    After your application has been approved and we have determined if there is a North Star Husky (or several) that would be a good match, we will then arrange for you to meet with the Husky.

    Our adoptable Huskies are kept in a network of foster homes in the state of Colorado.  You - and if applicable - your current  dog(s) need to  be willing to drive to meet the available Husky or Huskies. *Please only bring children over the age of 8 along for this meet & greet visit.

    Please read the article "Bringing Your Siberian Husky Home" to help prepare for the arrival of your new Husky.


    Step 6:  The Adoption    

    At the time of the adoption, we will have you complete our Adoption Contract.  The North Star volunteer assisting with the adoption will carefully go through this with you - as it is a legal and binding document.  

    You will receive a copy of the Adoption Contract and information of the Husky's vaccinations. When possible, you may also receive some of the dog’s current food, and other items the foster family may provide.

    The adoption donation to North Star Siberian Husky Rescue will be due at this contract signing.   If for some reason you are unable to make the adoption donation when you meet the Husky - we will not be able to adopt the Siberian Husky to you at that time.

    At the adoption appointment - please remember to bring a suitable collar and leash with you!  And then you are off to enjoy years of happy Husky ownership with your North Star Rescue dog!


    Our Minimum Adoption Donations:

         $300  3 months up to 12 months
    $250  1 year up to 6 years    
       $175  6 years up to 10 years    
           $100  10 years and over              



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