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    Fostering a Siberian Husky…
                         a commitment that provides many rewards


    Should you decide to become a foster family, you’ll take a rescued Siberian Husky into your home and care for him or her as you would your own pet, providing food, shelter, companionship, basic training and exercise. Arranging for any required veterinary care, and supplying generous amounts of patience and love. The fostering period can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months.



    If you have other pets, it is very important they be current on all vaccinations before you begin fostering. This includes vaccinations against rabies, parvovirus, and kennel cough (Bordetella). Your dog(s) should also be spayed or neutered. You MUST have a secure and fully fenced yard. An ideal fence is a 6-foot wood privacy fence.



    Rescued Siberians need large amounts of reassurance, attention, and affection every step of the way. Patience is a key attribute of our best foster families.



    As a foster family, you help “socialize” the Siberian and make him or her more adoptable. This can include helping the Siberian learn to trust people again, as many dogs may have been abandoned or abused. You may also teach or reinforce basics like housebreaking, commands such as Sit, Come, or Stay. Keep in mind that some adult rescue dogs need more care and attention than a puppy.



    You are responsible for monitoring and maintaining the health of the Siberian in your care. This includes feeding a quality dry food to sometimes bring a “skinny” Siberian back up to proper weight. Watching for any sign of illness or other condition that would require veterinary care (such as vomiting, worms in the stool, coughing, ear infections, diarrhea, etc.).



    North Star Siberian Husky Rescue reimburses all medical expenses; however, veterinary care should first be discussed and preauthorized with a North Star representative. This is our biggest expense, and we have established favorable pricing with several reputable clinics. As a general rule, we are not able to reimburse other expenses such as mileage, phone calls, dog food, toys, etc.



    You will need to keep accurate records of veterinary care. The original medical records will be kept by North Star Siberian Husky Rescue; copies will be given to the new adoptive family.



    Some things you will need on hand include a collar, long leash, dog grooming brush, chew and play toys appropriate for large dogs, quality dog food, and water and food dishes. It is also necessary to have a method of confining and/or separating the dog (either crating, closing doors, or putting up gates to certain rooms).


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