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    Owner Surrender Information and Process


    If you are having difficulties with your Husky, we would like to help you. Please contact us for advice on training, specific behavioral issues, or general questions about the breed. We aren't all experts, but all North Star volunteers have had extensive first-hand experience with Huskies and would like to be of help if we can.

    As soon as you reach this decision - that is the time to start the process.  It is a very rare occurrence that North Star will have the availability to accept your Husky immediately.  The re-homing process can take any where from several weeks to several months, and you will need to continue homing your Husky until we are able to locate and approve another home for it.    


    Please complete our online Surrender Application first,
    then we can
    talk with you about your Husky.


    Step 1: Following is the criteria you and your Husky must meet before it will be considered for surrender to North Star Husky Rescue:

    Is your Husky neutered or spayed?

    Is your Husky up to date on all vaccinations and Rabies?

    Is your Husky healthy?

    Are you able to provide us with copies of your dog's veterinary history, vaccinations, and a Rabies certificate?

    Are you able to continue caring for your Husky until a new home is found or a foster home becomes available?

    Are you willing to make a minimum donation of $50 for the surrender of your Husky?

    Step 2:   If you can answer yes to the above, then the next step is for you to complete the surrender form on the following page.   Keep in mind when completing the form, that the more information we know about your Husky, the better we are able to evaluate our potential adopters and match the dog to its new family.

    Step 3:   Once we receive your surrender application, one of our volunteers will be in contact with you within 24-48 hours.

    Step 4: You will be asked to submit (by email) several pictures of your Husky to us.  Then it will be determined if we can assist you with the surrender of your dog.

    Step 5: You will be contacted again by a volunteer if additional information is needed regarding your Husky.

    Step 6: After it is determined if we will be able to re-home your Husky - we will then begin our search for a new home.  Your dog's picture and also a brief history of the dog will be posted on our web site for prospective applicants to view.

    Step 7:   As soon as we have interviewed, evaluated, and approved a potential adopter  - or a foster home becomes available - we will be in contact with you.

    Step 8:   To start this process, we need you to complete the short Registration Form on the next page, and then you will be taken to the Surrender Application. 

    Your contact information - as well as the information you provide on our Surrender Application is  stored on our computer data base.  Only North Star volunteers will have access to this information.  We respect your privacy and do not give out or sell any of the information you provide.    


      Continue to our Surrender Application


    P.O. Box 462 Monument, CO 80132
    © 2012 North Star Rescue